An Emerging Dubai Abortion Clinic, How to Overcome the Reality With Virtual Clinic

A real solace is available for the residents of Dubai, who are desperately looking for ways to have their unwanted pregnancy terminated, as they can now seek the services through

A real solace is available for the residents of Dubai, who are desperately looking for ways to have their unwanted pregnancy terminated, as they can now seek the services through  The online portal is offering unequivocal virtual abortion clinic facilities without flouting the strict Sharia Law of the land, UAE in association with an Indian hospital, Bangalore Genesis Hospital, located in Bengaluru India.

In Dubai, ladies who want to have their unwanted pregnancy terminated have to face insurmountable hurdles to prove their medical urgency in front of a medical panel.  The long process inflicts psychological pressure on ladies risking their life to a vulnerable situation. 

Since Dubai is one of the emirates of UAE, it naturally has to follow the strict orthodox Sharia Law, where abortion is illegal, strictly prohibited and there is no chance of meeting an abortion doctor in Dubai.

Pregnancy termination is considered  a sin and hence if anybody violates the law, they are served with heavy punishments. You cannot even use abortion pills.  People who are engaged in legal abortion in Dubai are treated as criminals and are tried and sentenced as per Sharia Law. In most cases the sentences are jail terms, lashes, followed by deportation.

Since there are no Dubai abortion clinics, a solution to overcome the strict Sharia law is made possible by in association with Bangalore Genesis Hospital, where patients are allowed to register online in advance and fix the date for medical termination of pregnancy.

The hospitals administration manager recently briefed at a press meeting in Bangalore that, “Our appointment process is very simple. We don't discriminate against people who wish to have our pregnancy termination service by nationality or religion”.

Since many countries require an entry visa to India, the service offered by Bangalore Genesis Hospital is a welcome move.  The hospitals visa invitation service for medical treatment adds up the confidence of patients and helps them to have their unwanted pregnancy terminated at one of the best clinics in India.  

About Abortion In Dubai

The virtual portal is working as an emerging Dubai Abortion Clinic, without violating the law of the land or any international laws.  The pregnancy termination practices are carried out strictly as per the guidelines of the Indian Medical Association and termination is executed by qualified medical doctors and gynecologists who are highly experienced.

Abortion In Dubai Hospital was established since the year 1984 and is being managed by a professionally skilled administrator who has more than 30years’ experience in hospital management.  

The fully equipped operation theater meets international standards, and quality services are offered at a fraction of the cost that is being charged in Europe or elsewhere.  Patients can find paid accommodation and other convenient facilities in and around Abortion In Dubai Hospital.

For more information and appointment details, please log on to Abortion In Dubai.