The Arab woman purchased the tablets online with the help of her husband.



A 24-year-old woman allegedly swallowed 15 misoprostol tablets to abort her six-week-old foetus in Sharjah. After purchasing the tablets online with the help of her husband, the woman consumed them, which resulted in severe bleeding. She had to be rushed to Al Qasimi Hospital, where doctors called the police.

The police have arrested the Arab woman and her husband for deliberately aborting their baby.

According to an initial medical report issued by the hospital, the woman consumed the pills to deliberately abort the foetus that was six weeks and four days old.

The couple, however, denied the medical report. They claimed that the abortion happened after the woman took a medicine for colic and intestinal infections, which was "prescribed by a doctor at a private clinic in Sharjah". The clinic denied having issued any such prescription.

According to the husband, the couple went to the clinic on May 17 to confirm the pregnancy.

After a few days, she reportedly called him, saying she suffered from a minor haemorrhage and went to the clinic.

"The doctor at the clinic reassured her that she was okay. However, the next day, she suffered from severe colic. The doctor at the clinic prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug. After she took a number of pills, the bleeding increased and we had to take her to Al Qasimi Hospital," the husband said.

The police have referred the couple to the Sharjah public prosecution for further investigations.

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